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May 12, 2017
East Los Angeles College

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The landscape of career counseling is changing in order to meet the needs of rapidly changing technology that is impacting how people communicate, process information, and ultimately live. We are in what is called the information age and a global economy. Further, the current climate in the United States does not appear to be one of inclusivity and opportunity unless you are wealthy.

Postmodern career counseling attempts to include groups who have traditionally been excluded from the discourse. What are you doing in your work that addresses the challenges of career counseling in the 21st century? How is your work making an impact? What is innovative about your approach or work that meets the needs of various populations in 2017?

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Keynote Speaker Dr. David L. Blustein

Dr. David L. Blustein

David L. Blustein is a Professor in the Department of Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College in the United States. David received the Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. 

He has published extensively on career development, the psychology of working, work-based transitions, poverty, unemployment, and relational theories of working over the course of his career as a career practitioner, professor, and researcher. He is the author of “The Psychology of Working: A New Perspective for Career Development, Counseling, and Public Policy” and the editor of the “Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Working.” These two books, along with much of his recent work, are devoted to creating a broad and inclusive approach to understanding the role of work in people’s lives, optimally encompassing everyone who works and who wants to work. 

David is a Fellow of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), American Psychological Association (APA), and the American Educational Research Association (AERA). He has received the John Holland Award for Outstanding Achievement in Personality and Career Research, the Extended Research Award by the American Counseling Association, and the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Society for Vocational Psychology. In addition, David has consulted with state and national government agencies on issues pertaining to career development education and the school-to-work transition process. David also has been a practitioner for over 25 years, and continues to see clients for work-based interventions and psychotherapy one day a week at Child and Family Psychological Services in Norwood, Massachusetts.

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Keynote Speaker Dr. Daryl M. Rowe

Dr. Daryl M. Rowe is a licensed psychologist and Professor of Psychology - teaching in both the doctoral and master’s programs in clinical psychology - at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology of Pepperdine University.

He is a founding member of the Institute for the Study of African-centered Interventions (ISAI) developing treatment, research and training models for working with African American populations in Los Angeles, California.  

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