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Conference Description: Today's job market requires employees to not only be tech savvy, but also to be problem solvers and critical thinkers with the ability to successfully manage, motivate and collaborate.  Therefore, career practitioners need to keep their pulse on workforce changes to equip multi-generational workers with the skills necessary to equitably thrive in the future workplace. This conference will focus on key topics and trends to prepare career counselors, college educators and workforce development professionals to help clients stay current, motivated and forward thinking in the constantly changing world of work. 


Powerpoint slides are available below. Please request approval from presenter if you're using the contents since it is copyrighted.

KEYNOTE SESSION:The Future is Now…Did You Miss It?

Learn the dynamics of how human capital, workforce design, job, skill, learning and development and artificial intelligence will reshape how when, where and with whom we work by 2020.


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Download Free Infographic: 5-Tips to Future-Proof Your Brand in the AI Economy
Session Title: Issues, Challenges, and Solutions for the "Over 40" worker
Session Description: A diverse panel of career coaches, recruiters, and educators will share their experiences with working with the Over 40 worker---perceptions of the older worker, assets they bring to the workplace, typical job search issues they are confronted with, and ways to navigate today's job market.

Panel Moderator: Ron Visconti, Executive Director, Phase2Careers


Renee Sagon, Innovation and Sales Advocate, SlingShot Connections

Ann Greenhaw, Senior Recruiter, Franklin Templeton Investments

Randy Block, Executive Coach

Michelle Beese, Counselor, Folsom Lake Community College

Jim McDonald, Career Transition Coach, Career OneStop

Session Title: Getting the Most Out of the Gig Economy
Session Description: The world of work has changed, and job seekers today find entry-level jobs requiring advanced degrees or years of experience, before landing their first job.  Additionally, many companies are turning to part time contract or temporary regular workers to keep their shareholders and bottom lines happy. How are workers supposed to navigate this environment in such a way as to earn a living income and develop a career?

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Participants will learn:
-    Why companies are using this model
-    What the long and short-term implications of the gig economy is for workers
-    What practical implications all employees should look out for (taxes, cost of goods, etc)
-    How job seekers can ‘build their cred’ and enhance their resumes by working in the gig economy
-    What skills ‘giggers’ need to stay on top of their workload
-    How job seekers can find gigs and how ‘gigging’ can make a career transition easier, or even feasible
-    How job seekers can find ‘temp to perm’ positions for that ballyhooed first salaried job

Presenter: Jan Johnston-Tyler, Founder and CEO, EvoLibri Consulting

For her third career in as many decades, Jan Johnston-Tyler earned her MA in Counseling with an emphasis on Career from Santa Clara University in 2007, and founded EvoLibri Consulting with the goal of bringing therapeutic, career, and job development services to the underserved population of neurodiverse teens and adults.

Jan is a veteran speaker and a published author of books, articles, and curricula, and manages EvoLibri Consulting with 16 employees in Santa Clara, CA. EvoLibri is both a Department of Rehabilitation and California Department of Education vendor, and works with companies such as SAP and Microsoft to develop and run neurodiversity hiring programs.

Session Title: Emerging Markets: Exploring Careers of the Future
Session Description: This presentation will provide an overview of the Cal Poly Emerging Markets Program. We will explore best practices, methodology, benefits of the program, and a case study focusing on our recent Green Careers Panel. Our session will incorporate audience participation in activities demonstrating applicability of program elements to diverse practitioners.

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Lauren Platte, Recruiting Associate and Research Analyst, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Career Services Department
Lauren is a Recruiting Associate and Research Analyst at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where she has dedicated 18 years to connecting Cal Poly’s bright and capable students with prospective employers. She also chairs the Emerging Markets Committee in the Career Services Department, which supports students’ exploration of the industries and career paths of tomorrow. Lauren graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in English before joining the field of higher education professionals.

Krista Burke, M.A., Career Counselor for College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences

Krista is a College Specialist Career Counselor, dedicated to working with students in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Krista graduated with a degree in Communication Studies from Cal Poly and after a brief stint in the nonprofit world, returned to Cal Poly to earn a Master’s degree in Higher Education, Counseling and Guidance before entering into the world of Academic and Student Affairs.

Lisa Sewell, M.S., Career Counselor for College of Science and Mathematics

Lisa earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology from California State University Channel Islands (CI) and her master's degree in Counseling and Guidance with an emphasis in College Student Personnel from California Lutheran University. After graduate school, she worked as a career counselor and employer liaison at CI. She then moved to Northern California to be a career counselor and employment developer for a social services organization called Connecting Point, where she worked exclusively with CalWORKS participants. Currently, Lisa is a Career Counselor at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo for the College of Science & Mathematics.

Session Title: Future of Work and Skill Sets
Session Description: There are many drivers that are rapidly changing the “Future of Work”, in this breakout session, I will cover the why and how the future of work will look different and require a new and modified set of skills. Briefly, global connectivity, smart machines and new media are only some of the drivers that are reshaping how we think about and what constitutes work. Along with identifying this new landscape of work, it is important to identify key work skills that will be needed in the next decade and beyond.

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Hector Cuevas, Assistant Director, UC Merced, Center for Career and Professional Advancement

Hector Cuevas has successfully served four major research universities in the areas of admissions, career development and advising, recruitment, orientation, retention, and minority affairs. He has provided individual and group academic, career and personal counseling to undergraduate and graduate students from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, academic, and non-traditional backgrounds. Mr. Cuevas has also served as a Lecturer/Instructor - Developed and taught college admission, career development, peer counseling, advisor training, and communication styles, courses and workshops for UC Santa Cruz, Stanford University and UC Berkeley and UC Merced. He has also addressed national and local educational, business and professional organizations on career development, college recruiting,, diversity and professional development.

Session Title: The Prison to College Pipeline: How to Support Formerly Incarcerated Students
Session Description:  This workshop will provide attendees with valuable information about the previously-incarcerated student population. A guest speaker who is formerly-incarcerated will share her story. Lastly, we will cover current programs on campuses throughout the state, as well as steps you can take now, in order to initiate services within your institution.

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Anne-Marie Beck, Adjunct Career Counselor, Cypress College
Anne-Marie Beck is an innovative and enthusiastic career counseling professional. She holds a M.S. in Counseling, specializing in Career, from Cal State University at Northridge. She currently fulfills the CCDA position of Legislative and Public Policy Chair. Anne-Marie is deeply passionate about providing career services to diverse student and client populations, including addiction recovery and criminal justice. She is presently an adjunct career counselor / instructor at both Cypress College as well as Glendale Community College.

Debra Ann Arviso, MS.

Debra is passionate about helping students affected by incarceration and mental illness. She taught counseling courses for students in a juvenile detention facility and continuation high school. As a mental health advocate, Debra teaches classes for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and is an advocate for students affected by trauma. She is currently teaching a career planning course for foster youth at Compton College. She holds a M.S. in Counseling, specializing in College Counseling and Student Services from Cal State University at Northridge. Debra is an adjunct counselor and faculty at Compton College and Los Angeles City College. 

Session Title: Transitioning Adults: Meeting the Unique Needs of Mid-Career College Students
Session Description: The majority of college students are over the age of twenty five. 90% of these adult students have returned to college in order to better their careers. However, career counseling services often remain focused on younger students (18 to 21 year olds) who are looking for entry level jobs, starting at salaries less than half of the average income for older students. The purpose of this study was to identify the unique career needs of the transitioning mid-career adult student and the consider the consequent impact on college career services

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Dr. Andrew Stenhouse, Professor of Organizational Psychology, Vanguard University

Dr. Andrew Stenhouse is a graduate studies professor of organizational psychology at Vanguard University, teaching behavior and psychology in organizations, psychology of leadership and motivation, organizational systems, development and change, and team leadership and conflict management. He also teaches organizational behavior at California State University Fullerton. In addition to teaching, Andrew previously served Vanguard University as Managing Director of the Judkins Institute for Leadership Studies, Director of the Organizational Leadership graduate program, and Dean of the School for Graduate and Professional Studies.

With research interests that include disordered personalities in the workplace, leader development, culture change, and employee engagement, Andrew conducts frequent workshops to businesses and non-profit communities. He also works with select clients through private practice.
Previously, Andrew founded and directed the Organizational Psychology program for Concordia University Irvine -- Southern California’s first Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Psychology specifically designed for working professionals; and served as Interim Dean for the Southern California campuses of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology -- the nation’s oldest and largest regionally accredited graduate school exclusively for psychology and behavioral health sciences.

Andrew holds a Doctor of Education in Institutional Management from Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology, and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University. He also holds a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies and a Bachelor of Arts is in Cross Cultural Studies.
Session Title: Career Buoyancy Amid Tidal Waves of Workplace Change
Session Description: When the world is changing fast, what matters in career development? Has career planning become an oxymoron? We will discuss factors which create career buoyancy. In addition to other factors that sustain careers, success today is moving beyond job titles and demonstrating value. Learn ways to demonstrate value and have a portfolio of accomplishments, ideas and robust networks.

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Sharadon Smith, Training & Career Advisor, NOVA Job Center
Sharadon Smith works as a training advisor at NOVA job center where she helps clients upskill and then find work again. She works with tech worker and individuals returning to the workforce. In addition, she's an adjunct professor at Palo Alto University's Business Psychology program. Previously, Sharadon worked in various roles in organizational development and training. She has lived in Singapore, Guatemala and many locations within the United States.

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